Our Services

We offer

the possibility to lease on CASH BACKED because it is the only way grading traders that the funds are blocked. Our associates are a large lending group consortium and we can arrange the following services :

- Provide financial bank instruments
- Updated list of available Bank instruments offers of BG, SBLC, MTN, BOND
- Project financing by maximum 10% fees through BG, SBLC, MTN, BOND lending
- Lease of bank Financial Instruments for Credit Enhancement
- Proof of funds
- Lease BG, SBLC, MTN, BOND: all instruments are cashed back

Our office charges

One-off €10.000 a commitment fee to new customers.
This commitment fee is paid prior to your being introduced to the provider or the relevant Fund and is refundable* up until you enter into a contract with the provider or the Fund. After the signing of contracts that money is then non- refundable and is converted into consultancy services.

* The commitment fee is non- refundable if: The client has provided inaccurate / false information about the financial position of the company, its business plan, or any other type of false information. This will then result in the cancellation of the agreement at whatever stage the application may have reached – even before the signing of the contracts.